Sacred Heart Church North Gosforth

Pre-Raphaelite Stained Glass Windows

The pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows in the church were designed mainly by Edward Burne-Jones with contributions from Ford Madox Brown and William Morris and constitute one of the best collections of stained glass from the William Morris Company in the North of England.

The East Window

The east window is unique in that while all the designs in the stained glass had been used in other churches, it is the only window in which they are combined. It has three lights with three roundels above, all designed by Edward Burne-Jones. To see more detailed pictures of the east window click here.






The Chancel Windows

The background details in these windows are muted – most stained glass windows have landscapes of buildings in the background. The result of this relative simplicity is that the figures are thrown into greater prominence, dominating the picture.

North Chancel

The window  shows St. Mark and St. Matthew by Edward Burne-Jones and Ford Madox Brown respectively.






South Chancel

The window has St. Luke and St. John by William Morris and Ford Madox Brown.







South Aisle

The window in the south aisle is dedicated to the friendship of John and Emily Miller and Eustace and Mary Smith. It shows St. Mary and St. Joseph  by Burne-Jones and William Morris respectively.






North Aisle

Many of the windows in this church were designed by Edward Burne-Jones but this one, of Boaz and Ruth, was by William Morris and was produced by the William Morris Company. It was dedicated to Edward Knollys.

(The story of Boaz and Ruth is told in the Book of Ruth. Ruth, when she is widowed, finds a way to support herself and her mother-in-law by working tirelessly gathering leftovers of grain that harvesters would leave in fields. Boaz was a wealthily man who owned the fields in which Ruth worked. As an act of kindness, Boaz told Ruth that she could work alongside his harvesters and would not be harmed. Boaz remained forthright and honest in his dealings with Ruth, and in doing so  proved himself to be righteous before God. Later, Boaz marries Ruth. 

The full story can be read here. )

All photographs on this page, and on the East Windows page are courtesy of David K Newton Photography.