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Partnership News

We have now established the Partnership Finance Group, to work under the Partnership Development Group, which is the main body to oversee our joint work in the area.

Mrs Angela Gray (from Sacred Heart) is the Financial Group Chair. Each parish will keep its existing system, but the partnership will also have a joint account, to allow some resources to be shared. This will also apply to any administrative help we employ. This Thursday (July 13th), we will meet at 7.45pm at Annitsford, to form a spirituality group (with people from all parishes), to share ideas and schemes to aid prayer-life, youth work and the helping of people at home/in care. This means that by the school holidays, all three groups we needed to form - main development/finance/spirituality - will have been set up, ready to operate in September.

The Partnership covers the following parishes:

  • Our Lady and St. Wilfrid's, Blyth
  • St. Cuthbert's, Cowpen
  • Our Lady and St. Joseph's, New Hartley
  • St. Paul's, Cramlington
  • St. John's, Annitsford
  • Sacred Heart, North Gosforth

The members of the Partnership Development Group are:

Ken Little (Our Lady and St. Joseph's, New Hartley)

Vice Chair
Paula Battersby (St. Paul's, Cramlington)

Jo Shepherd (Sacred Heart, North Gosforth)

Fr. Philip Quinn, David Brown (Our Lady and St Wilfrid's, Blyth)
Anne Hardy (St. Cuthbert's, Cowpen)
Fr. Lee Barrett, Deacon Rob Wareing, Deacon Tony Turner (St. Paul's, Cramlington)
Gerry Killen, Fr. Richard Harriott (St. John's, Annitsford)
Fr. Jim Dunne, Deacon John Hawthorne (Sacred Heart, North Gosforth)
Pauline Johnstone (Education Representative)

If you have any queries, please contact Fr. Jim, Deacon John (
OR Jo Shepherd (

Minutes of Meetings

Please see below the Minutes from the Seaton Delaval Partnership Development Group:
  • May 2017
  • July 2017
  • Next meeting: Wednesday 4 October 2017, 7.30pm, at St. Paul's Cramlington