Anglican Clergy and Catholic Priests - 1865 to the present day

The Anglican clergy and Catholic priests who have served the church and parish:

St. Mary's, North Gosforth, Perpetual Curates:

Year Incumbent
1865-1869 Stephen Haisty Ward, M.A.
1869-1874 William Dunn, M.A.
1874-1880 William Samuel Wright
1880-1881 Edward Greenhow, M.A.
1881-1911 Charles John Naters

Sacred Heart Church, North Gosforth, Parish Priests:

Year Incumbent
1912-1918 George C. Jeffreys, Curate of St. Aidan's, Benton
1918-1921 C. Bede Tuohey
1922-1925 Charles Hart, B.A.
1925-1926 Served from St. Charles' Gosforth
1926-1937 Charles Hart, B.A.
1930-1937 C. Bede Tuohey
1937-1948 William T. Harris
1948-1949 James O'Brien
1949-1962 James Phelan
1962-1964 William McKenna
1964-1984 Edward Ord, T.D.
1984-2000 Thomas Cass
2000-2008 Joseph Travers
2008- James Dunne, B.A.